Welcome to Consultant Ukraine

We offer multi-oriented consulting services in Ukraine for private and public actors, companies, corporations, non-governmental organizations, institutions, international agencies, media, academies and cultural centres.

Our aim is to promote European Union integration of Ukraine by facilitating exchanges and contributing to project development for EU standards approximation.

Our services cover all regions of Ukraine and Kiev city. We also focus on Western Ukraine for its proximity with European Union countries and its particular dynamism in economic and cultural fields, with Lviv as a regional capital city. Western Ukraine historically belongs to Central Europe, thus cooperation and cultural exchanges between EU countries and local actors are easier.

We assist in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects in Ukraine, in four areas.

Business & Trade Development

Providing targeted information on business framework and rules, market surveys, business and investment plan analysis, facilitating contacts and partnerships with local actors, companies, business chambers and experts.

Raising awareness on benefits of European Union integration, facilitating approximation process with EU standards, contributing to introduce EU mechanisms and governance into local business.

International Cooperation

Facilitating the implementation of bilateral, multilateral or transnational programmes regarding governance, democratization, sustainable development, green economy, the environment, education and culture.

Contributing to introducing European Union principles and implementing approximation programmes in good governance, transparency and accountability, sustainable development, green economy, energy security and environmental protection into national and local management. Tranfering best practice and policy recommendations to stakeholders.


Facilitating conflict prevention and crisis resolution, peacebuilding process, strengthening institutions and improving development.

Raising awareness of stakeholders on challenging issues (organization of conferences and meetings with experts). Enhancing capacities of decision-makers (organization of workshops and seminars).

Civil Society Promotion

Promoting civil society activities in social, economic, environmental, educational and cultural fields, fostering the contribution of non-governmental organizations in decision-making process in Ukraine and the participation of NGOs in the implementation of EU, international or bilateral programmes.

Academic Partnership & Cultural Exchange

Facilitating partnerships between European Union universities and Ukrainian universities, developing research programmes and seminars for the promotion of trans-European academic cooperation and cultural exchanges.

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Consultant Ukraine

Located in a dynamic region between Eastern EU & Turkey, Ukraine is involved in a Partnership Agreement with EU and expects to conclude an inclusive Association Agreement deepening both politic and economic links with EU, following Ukraine's WTO membership in 2008.

Consultant Ukraine

Several Ukrainian cities are in the top ten of the 2013 FDI Strategy ranking for European Cities of the Financial Times, with Lviv in 3rd position (for investments & economic efficiency)

Consultant Ukraine

Business conference ABC: Ukraine & Partners 2013 showed the interest of foreign companies in Ukraine economy

Consultant Ukraine

May 2013 Conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tempus European programme for education cooperation in Ukraine

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